Chartering & Brokerage

Improve investment returns through lower transaction costs and increase operational efficiency with our leading-edge solutions. Turn to us for execution capabilities that can help improve speed, drive transparency, and manage market impact.

Trade Area

Our mission is to provide our clients with competitive offers for several products while maintaining a high quality in our services and helping our suppliers reach their full potential and expand their sales.

We strive to meet all of the needs of our clients and suppliers, add value to the business, and promote organic growth.

Ship Recycling

The disposal and breaking up of the ships where at the end of its life cycle it is being dismantled and each part is sent ahead for reuse.

We can arrange the scrap sale of Your Vessel on all world main demolition markets, offering this service, including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey and China.

Ship Sale & Purchase

The business practice of buying and selling commercial ships in the open market. We provide to our customers brokerage service, whether as new building contracts to be ordered at the shipbuilders when they first are getting built, or as ‘used’ vessels in the secondary market, or finally as old vessels now are destined sale for scrapping (demolition.)